22 September 2020  |

Dear Editor,

I write regarding the recent article by Steve Moran in which he declared, “Liberals say they support religious freedom, but then they want to crush religious practices they deem to be immoral.”

I am puzzled. If Mr. Moran had wanted a discussion, would he not have specified the religious practices that liberals want to crush?

Also, it is interesting to me that liberals are usually declared to be the immoral ones, but here they decry immoral practices. This is a change, indeed.

To write in generalizations and to declare that liberals want to crush something seems to be rather provocative while not allowing discussion of the issue. It seems if Mr. Moran is actually concerned about something that will be crushed, he would have set it into the light of day so we might actually stop the crushing event.

As a retired Adventist clergyman I find it mind-boggling to try to have actual discussions, objective, and decisional when I am not allowed to know the troubling issue at hand.

Please, writers (and editors), allow us the importance of our time that is very precious in our day, to read articles that are filled with understandable content.

Glen Wade
Thomaston, GA

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