Part of the mission of Adventist Today is to provide a wide range of opinion from and about Adventists. We value opinions from our readers. There are several ways you can share your opinions. The primary comments feature is now on our Facebook page:

We are using Facebook because the largest number of our readers use Facebook. For one thing, many of our readers in Africa and other parts of the world find it much easier to access Adventist Today via Facebook rather than on the Web. If you read Adventist Today on the Web, there is usually a place at the bottom of articles to click and post comments on our Facebook page.

You can also contribute letters to our Letters section, and they do not need to be related to any particular article. You can write about any topic that is of interest to you. If you want to contribute to the Letters section, write to us via Email or by regular postal mail. Our Email address is:

You can send your letter via the post office to Adventist Today, Box 1135, Sandy, Oregon 97055. [United States]

We get a lot of mail, so make sure you indicate at the top that your letter is intended to be published in our Letters section.

We do insist that you not engage in name-calling or unkind comments about people who may have a different opinion. Do not include long quotes from published sources unless you include an attachment or enclosure which is a photo copy or scan of the original source and the page with the copyright identification and name of the author and publisher. We may have to get a copyright release to publish more than a couple of sentences from a published source. We will not publish anything that is pornographic or libelous; neither the law nor Christian principle permits that. We will not publish anything that is not identified by the real name of the writer. (We will gladly withhold publication of your name if you give us a reason to do so, but we must know who you are if you are going to publish through Adventist Today.)

Monte Sahlin, CEO, Adventist Today