May 30, 2017:     Two unnamed Adventist pastors in Saint Lucia have been charged with sexual misconduct.

According to the St. Lucia Times, the Eastern Caribbean island nation’s Adventist leadership has responded to the allegations saying it will not condone wrongdoing.

“It is unfortunate that at this juncture the church is now faced with allegations involving two of our employees which has resulted in hurting families and much negative publicity,” said Roger Stephen, the executive secretary of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Saint Lucia.

The two Adventist pastors were charged with indecent assault and unlawful sexual connection. They were granted bail last week.

Stephen called on fellow church members to reserve judgement on the case of the two pastors while they were tried in court.

National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis expressed a similar sentiment, encouraging the public not to rush to judgement.

He said that according to the information he had received, law enforcement had not done the required due diligence on the day the pastors reported to the authorities.

It is unclear what exactly was left undone. The St. Lucia Times states that, according to Francis, the “necessaries” on the case were not performed until the following day.

“A promise was made and a decision was taken that they would return the following day and they did keep their promise – they returned the following day and everything was done,” the minister said.