by Debbonnaire Kovacs

By Debbonnaire Kovacs
Submitted October 8, 2014
The One who Is, Was, and Will be—the very Beingness of Being—is my beloved guide and cares for me as a mother for her child. What could I possibly have to worry about?
The One brings me to quiet places of peace and convinces me to stop dithering, lie down and be still. The One hushes me and gives me eternally flowing, eternally pure Water of Life to drink.
The One breathes new life into my soul—fills the heart of my heart with rushing Spirit life—and then gets me up from the tranquil rest and we walk on. The One puts warm arms around me and assures me, “I love you for your sake, but even more for mine. You are inexpressibly precious to me.”
Sometimes our path walks nowhere near quiet places, but instead through dark and howling wastelands of death and terror. I huddle close under the warm arm and listen for the beating of that great heart. “I am afraid, but not afraid, oh beloved One. I am comforted to know that you are always here, and that you know how to defend and protect me, and have all you need to do so.”
Then—right there! In front of the scary demons and hobgoblins that make me so miserable!—you spread a picnic cloth, overflowing with food and drink fit for angels. You quiet me again, anoint me with oil of grace, urge me to eat. “More! Have another! There is plenty for every need you have; dream bigger!” you exclaim.
It is more than I can take in!
No matter what happens, no matter where I go, I am surrounded by your goodness, covered by your mercy, wrapped up and cuddled in your endless love. From my cradle to my gray hairs you have carried me, and I know I dwell in your house, a child at your table, now and always. Always.