10 December 2019  |

I am writing to thank you for the Fall 2019 issue of Adventist Today, marking 175 years since Seventh-day Adventists first expected Jesus to return.

Loren Seibold’s article “It’s Too Late for Jesus to Come Soon” put into words what most of us won’t even let ourselves think about: that the script we have used for Last Day Events doesn’t make sense anymore. Our world is much bigger now than it was to Adventists in the 1800s. It seems to me that our traditional end-time script applies mostly to the United States of America.

Having grown up in Southern Asia, I have often wondered why a Buddhist or Hindu country would care about a Sunday Law, for instance?

Thank you, Adventist Today, for having the courage to wrestle with topics that most of our church’s thinkers won’t.

Jeanne Beck Jarnes
Spokane, Washington

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