by S.M. Chen  |  12 January 2018  |  

Some ancients bent a knee to sun.
With outstretched arms they welcomed it
And turned their face to catch its light
And heat that warmed them to the bone,
That took away the chill within.

We, too,  have shared the wonder of
A rising sun in flaming birth;
Its life in arc across the sky
And finally, as darkness falls,
Its end, as stars come out to play.

Though maybe knowing not what made
The night and day, the wind, the rain,
The climate change that seasons brought;
They knew the constancy of sun,
Its rise and fall in sky above.

Some of their gods they named for it;
A myriad of names they had:
Apollo, Helios and Ra.
It seemed to them that it was sun
That made things grow, and brought them life.

But had they thought, as well they might,
What may have come to them was this:
Might there yet be, beyond the sun,
A greater force, a spirit, One
Who put and guided all things well?

S.M. Chen writes from California.

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