21 November 2018  |

Dear Editors:

First and most importantly I want to express my appreciation for all of your great coverage of Annual Council and also the NAD meetings. I think you folks are doing an excellent job with your online news feed, that I would assume is drawing in a lot of new readers. Moving away from just a print publication was very wise. Lots of us are now depending upon AT as an independent Adventist news source. I will be sending in a year end contribution to support your efforts.

I grew up in an Adventist preacher’s home in Texas. And way back in the 1950’s my parents had a Sabbath tradition to put away all secular magazines and newspapers prior to sundown on Friday evening. It has been more than 60 years but I can vividly recall them pushing things out of sight underneath a sofa in the living room. The Sabbath was a special time when our family would enjoy special food, go to sabbath school & church and then do things together in the afternoon. Since my father was in the conference office, conference presidents Dower, Pierson and Leach were dear friends of mine as a child.

My appeal to you would be to keep AT as something that we can consider as Sabbath reading material. We all need a break from the roar of political division that is filling the media right now. I am still not sure whether the “anonymous” piece that you published recently was a joke or what? But by bashing President Trump under the guise of a new interpretation of prophecy I found myself drawn into an arena of conflict that I would prefer to avoid. I certainly didn’t expect to be immersed in it this Sabbath by AT. If it was supposed to just be satirical, then here is my question: if you were invited into the Oval Office for a meeting with the President and Ben Carson next week, how would you feel if you knew that for some reason he had just read this piece in our publication?


Jere Webb, Retired Pastor/Evangelist

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