From today to next Friday, our regular content will continue. Yet, our emphasis this coming week is to ask for your support. We only come to you a few times each year asking for assistance for Adventist Today’s operations, in response to how we have enriched your life every day of the year. We are looking for the following number of people to support our shared ministry this week:

  • Supporting Member: 250 friends
  • Sustaining Member: 280 friends
  • Advising Member: 285 friends

Out of 200,000 Adventist Today readers, we think it’s entirely possible to hear from 815 new and returning friends of the ministry this next week. We’ve based our numbers on previous giving activity, and with the Lord’s blessing, we believe there is every chance we may well exceed our goal. But we’ll only do that with your help.

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Monte Sahlin
CEO/Executive Director
Adventist Today Foundation