October 21, 2015:    A couple of years ago the 20th and last Spiritual Renaissance Retreat was held in Monterey, California. Another event put together by the same organizer has been announced for Salisbury, England, in the shadow of the cathedral at Sarum College for September 1-5, 2016.

“This will be an amazing retreat with top presenters from Newbold College in England and Friedeusau Adventist University in Germany,” Pastor John Hughson told Adventist Today. He is an associate pastor at the Pacific Union College Church in California, and has served as the coordinator for the weekend events for more than two decades.

“There will, of course, be plenty of free time to see the sights and visit historic locations.” The theme for this first retreat in Europe is, “Re-imaging Adventism,” Hughson stated.

The Spiritual Renaissance Retreat is a unique gathering committed to the transforming power of God through the sharing of ideas and relationships. Its primary objective is for personal, family and church renewal. The motto has always been, “Inspiration for a Life that Matters,” Hughson said.

Salisbury is the location of the cathedral that is known throughout the world and houses the best preserved of the remaining four copies of the Magna Carta, considered to be the original bill or rights. It is also near Stonehenge and the ancient Roman city of Bath.

“This retreat will be a very special one of a kind experience,” Hughson told Adventist Today. Registration is limited to no more than 40 applicants, based on the order in which registrations are confirmed. For more information including cost, schedule and registration contact John and Joan Hughson, Pacific Union College Church, P.O. Box 297,  Angwin, CA 94508. Or send an Email to jhughson@puc.edu or telephone (707) 965-7297 or text to (707) 888-8594.