20 August 2021 | The Adventist Record reported that “Households of Faith,” a small groups initiative in New Zealand, is thriving in the country’s central region.

There are fourteen active groups, three that are about to launch, and six more in the pipeline.

“The groups, comprising between three and seven members, meet regularly in their homes to connect, study the Bible, and share their faith. The aim is to invite new friends, share the love of Jesus, and win them for His kingdom,” reports Adventist Record.

Pastor Siaosi Halisi Kei, lead pastor for the Timaru, Oamaru, and Ashburton churches, has been overseeing the initiative.

“Aspects that groups do have in common include the adoption of Discovery Bible Reading and/or using the SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer) method when in Scripture,” Pastor Halisi Kei said to Adventist Record. “One of our new groups chooses not to attend church every Sabbath; they choose to operate in the community, seeking out people who are willing to hear their testimony of how God has changed their lives.”

Pastor Halisi Kei, said group members “all agree that meeting and growing through small groups is a biblical model.”

The Adventist Record says there are plans to have the groups lead church services in the region once a month.

“This will include testimonies and stories, bringing ministry to life in the church as a way to encourage new ways of thinking and extend the invitation for others to become involved in what we are doing,” Pastor Halisi Kei said to Adventist Record. “We are also planning on holding a regional meeting each year for small groups to come together to be encouraged, trained, and equipped, and to celebrate what God is doing in our territory.”

Image: Adventist Record

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