by AT News Team

It really shocked at least one Seventh-day Adventist family in Wheeling, West Virginia. They immediately sent an Email to Adventist Today to alert readers to this headline in The Intelligencer-Wheeling News-Register, the daily newspaper in the northern panhandle of the mountain state: “Jesuit Humiliates Washington Adventist, 94-67.”
The Jesuit here is not a priest, it turns out, but Wheeling Jesuit University, a Catholic college with an enrollment of about 1,300. And the Washington Adventist is not a General Conference staffer but Washington Adventist University, the higher education institution sponsored by the Columbia Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
The competition was not about Bible doctrines or even righteousness. It was basketball, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball. The Cardinals versus The Shock. And just so you are straight on the name, Adventists do not have any cardinals.
The game was played on Tuesday evening, January 8, in Wheeling in the Alma Grace McDonough Center. The Adventist team lost 67 to 94. The Cardinals did so well that they hit “a torrid 54 percent from the floor in the first half,” said sports writer Nick Bedway. The Jesuit team won, although last time they almost did not. That game earlier in the season went into overtime and the Cardinals won by only six points out of nearly 100 scored by each team.
Washington Adventist actually has a 3-3 record on its home court in Takoma Park, Maryland. It has not been able to win in the nine games this season on the road.