by AT News Team

The Cedarhome Seventh-day Adventist Church in suburban Snohomish County north of Seattle has set up a 30-foot inflatable “image” from the story of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in Daniel 2. It caught the attention of The Herald  daily newspaper in Everett which published a photo of “Nebe, as the members of the congregation call him.”
The giant representation of the man made of multiple metals is being used to advertise a month of lectures by evangelist Jac Colon from the Revelation Now ministry, according to David Johnson, who “arranged for Colon to speak and to have the inflatable figure put up at the church.” Using the theme “Unlocking Revelation …  Colon plans to talk about increasing violence, tensions in the Middle East, economic problems and environmental upheaval,” Johnson told the newspaper. “The prophecies of the Bible bring personal peace in the midst of uncertain times.”
With spotlights on the statue it can be seen from a distance in the winter night. “It’s an attention getter, that’s for sure,” Pastor Greg Howell told The Herald. The church is located at 28505 68th Avenue NW and has a current membership of 83. Stanwood is about halfway between Everett and Bellingham along Interstate 5 in Washington state.