Seven internet radio channels have been created by an independent production company operated by Adventists under the brand name Loud Cry Media. The programing is designed for the general public, especially the unchurched. All seven are available on Roku TV and from a single Loud Cry Media app. They are marketed through various radio directories around the world and through internet advertising. You can activate any one or all seven from a single web site:

Kids Christian Radio with a short Bible story every song or two. The music includes kids singing to kids and adults singing to kids, as well as Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue’s dramatized reading of the Bible, Pilgrim’s Progress for kids, Eric B. Hare mission stories and more. It has also proven valuable for parents leading family worship and when a children’s Sabbath School teacher is not available.

Country Gospel Radio plays a variety of Christian country music, bluegrass and Southern Gospel, as well as classics from the legends, because at one time every country artist had a gospel album.

Soul Gospel Radio serves an African-American and Caribbean audience with content that includes preaching, question and answer sessions with C. D. Brooks, the well-known Adventist evangelist, and music by African-American artists.

Indigenous Hope Radio serves the five million First Nations population of North America. It includes traditional Indigenous instrumentals, songs in Native dialects, Native artist spotlight with a country music flavor, and storytelling from the Bible.

Natural Healing Radio is the world’s only 24/7 channel focused on the N.E.W. S.T.A.R.T. health principles. Brief spots of 1 to 3 minutes each are mingled with easy listening Christian contemporary music.

SDA Radio is a combination of short sermonettes on righteousness by faith, and Christian counseling and Bible readings from the great orators. The music has no drum beat and varies from contemporary to choirs to instrumental to old classics.

Loud Cry Radio – the basic channel is all Christian music, all day with easy listening contemporary. Ideal for home or work, the music is complimented with Scripture readings from the great orators.

Loud Cry Media accepts advertising from businesses and outreach ministries, and the ads play on all seven channels. The producers welcome hearing from preachers and musicians interested in providing programing. For more information, contact Glen Striemer by telephone or text at (615) 968-1844, or by email at

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