10 December 2020  |

In a sermon to an Adventist audience in Bolivia last month, lay evangelist David Gates said that if people receive the COVID-19 vaccine, their minds will come under the control of outside forces through 5G phone signals. Said Gates,

A plan to destroy humanity is what Satan is now presenting to the world: a vaccine that will destroy every DNA in your body and make us unclean before God. It contains DNA material from fetuses and detestable things. That vaccine has the ability to modify every DNA of your bodies and incorporate those detestable genes into our DNA. Every cell will now be an abomination to God.…

We can look at Argentina and Canada, what they’re planning on doing: pass a law to force everyone to take the vaccine. Exempt all the pharmaceutical companies from any responsibility regarding their injury and death. If you’re willing to take it you will get a passport allowing you to travel. And those who do not accept the vaccine will be punished. Permanent house arrest. You cannot buy or sell. You cannot obtain government documents. You will be placed in a concentration camp until you die. Confiscate all of your goods, your material possessions. And finally eliminate them from society.

However, what if you do get the vaccine? Will you be free? You are now more susceptible to being a slave than ever before! Because when they push the button and 5G radiation comes to you, all your emotions will now be subject to their manipulation. You can be killed with a button. Every cell in your body will react against you. You will become an automaton. Whatever they say, that’s what you will do.

This is very serious. If every cell in your body responds to the control of man you will be a slave to that power. and if you don’t obey you will die immediately.

The religious leaders are telling us “get the vaccine” in almost every church. What if I don’t want to be a slave? What if I want to be free in God? How can I receive the vaccine?

This is not the first time Gates has raised controversy. In 2018 he made specific prophetic predictions of the close of probation or the second coming, including that three and a half years of persecution would begin in March of 2019. These presentations were widely watched and discussed all over the world. Doug Batchelor, Steven Bohr, Mark Finley and others countered his claims, Finley extensively on YouTube.

His biography on the Adventist Book Center site says that “He is an ordained minister with degrees in nursing, software engineering, and business administration. He also is a professional pilot and aviation mechanic.”

In 2013 Gates independent ministry, Gospel Ministries International, lost endorsement by the General Conference as a “Supporting Ministry” for violating GC Working Policy K 05 05 6, which asks “supporting ministries providing services outside their own division territory to consult with, and secure approval from, the division administration concerned regarding the nature, extent and duration of services rendered within that division.” There is no mention of the status of his ordination.

Nonetheless Gates, who styles himself “Uncle David Gates,” continues to speak widely in Latin America, where he has served as a missionary, and elsewhere. At least one of his books, Mission Miracles, is offered for sale by the Adventist Book Center.

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