by Carolyn Shultz  |  13 April 2018  |  

A smooth white stone.

Mystery-white like Melville’ s whale?


Or perhaps a new-made onyx

Forged in the last prolific fires

That purge and permute the once clean earth

To Earth again.

Inscribed, John says.

Ur-Hebrew? Apocalyptic Greek?

I think I’d fancy

Strange new shapes and lines

Bound in a secret symbol

Stamping recognition marrow deep

Creating in the blinking of a soul

When flesh meets stone in an eternal clasp,

The name that tells me who I am.

Carolyn Shultz is Professor Emerita of English at Walla Walla University, where she taught for 35 years.  She lives in College Place, WA and enjoys all the free time she has for reading.

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