At the NADYEM18 meeting, Gordon Bietz read the following statement crafted by the Presidents of the Association of Adventist Colleges and Universities:

As presidents of Adventist colleges and universities in North America, we stand in solidarity, committed to the following:

  • We affirm that our calling, within the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, is nurturing the faith of young people for service in this world and the world to come;
  • We affirm that as educational leaders, our learning communities are committed to embodying the grace of God’s kingdom;
  • We affirm that God calls women and men, to the gospel ministry.  Our role is to nurture and equip all dedicated SDAs to be part of God’s great transformative commission to the world;
  • We affirm that just as God called young Adventist pioneers, men and women, including the prophetic and pastoral ministry of Ellen White, today we need to recover the all-inclusive prophetic vision that did not discriminate but embraced all as needed for the gospel ministry;
  • We affirm our denomination’s belief that every human being is created in the image of God—a belief that valued the dignity and freedom of enslaved humans and even called for civil disobedience when human laws and policies went against God’s principles of equality and dignity;
  • We affirm our pioneers, who, through their fear of kingly powers, established inspired organizational systems to ensure and safeguard participatory decision-making and spirit-led methods relevant to various geographic locations;
  • We affirm that unity finds its strength in diversity, and that the cohesion and commitment desired of a volunteer organization cannot be forced, coerced or shamed. Instead, its sole unifying power is found by lifting Jesus as the relentless Savior whose forgiveness and unconditional love is all embracing.

Adventist University of Health Science
Edwin Hernandez

Andrews University
Andrea Luxton

Burman University
Loren Agrey

Kettering College
Nate Brandstater

La Sierra University
Randal Wisbey

Loma Linda University
Dick Hart

Oakwood University
Leslie Pollard

Pacific Union College
Bob Cushman

Southern Adventist University
David Smith

Southwestern Adventist University
Ken Shaw

Union College
Vinita Sauder

Walla Walla University
John McVay

Washington Adventist University
Weymouth Spence

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