4 March 2021  |

Our ATSS Lord’s Supper is scheduled for this coming Sabbath, March 6, near the end of the ATSS class, at about 3:10 p.m. EST. We have a number of people participating. Our leader will be Jeanne Mogusu, a pastor living in Kenya.

In our communion service, each person provides their own bread and wine, and we partake together after a short worship service. Naturally we don’t do a Zoom footwashing service, but you can do that on your own if you wish.

Preparation for Lord’s Supper:

  • Just select whatever bread you want to use to symbolize Christ’s body. If you want unleavened bread, you can use anything from crackers to pie crust to specially made communion bread. Some use regular yeast bread—it’s up to you. Remember: it’s a symbol, not a sacrament.
  • Have ready whatever juice of the grape or fruit juice you prefer to represent Christ’s shed blood on your behalf.
  • The communion will be at the end of our presentation & discussion, about 3:10 PM Eastern time. It takes about 15 minutes. We can continue talking afterwards.

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