23 September 2019 | Pathfinders in the city of Hull in the UK, led a crowd of thousands marching against knife crime this Saturday, September 21.

ITV reported that the Pathfinders marched from the city’s Bonus Arena to the Hull docks.

Ahead of the march, Pastor Mo Timbo who represented the PH Hull Church at the city’s Trinity Methodist Church, told the Hull Daily Mail that 3,000 people would be joining the march.

The Pathfinders are supporting a #NoMoreKnives campaign that has been running in the city. The campaign is aimed at educating young people as to the danger of carrying knives and discovering reasons for their prevalence among young people.

Law enforcement reported that, in the 12 months preceding March of this year, there were 585 serious offenses involving knives in the area.

The Pathfinders that marched came from across the British Union Conference (BUC). The BUC held its World Pathfinder Day Worship Celebration in Hull on September 21. Over 2500 Pathfinders and supporters attended the celebration.

According to the denomination’s Office of Archives, Statistics and Research, there 294 churches and a membership of 38,213 in the UK as of June 30, 2018.

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