7 October 2018 | The Pacific Union Conference has launched Love.Serve.Lead, a new website containing videos, articles, and media releases from persons and groups who support conscience above compliance in the Adventist Church.

General Conference leadership of the Adventist denomination is attempting to force international compliance by the various entities of the church on a range of issues including a controversial 2015 General Conference Session vote that disallowed the world regions of the church the right to decide whether or not to ordain women as pastors.

The General Conference has introduced a number measures to ensure compliance on GC policies while many entities of the church say that compliance with a policy that effectively bans the ordination of women, goes against the conscience of members that believe women should be given equal opportunities to serve as clergy.

Love.Serve.Lead includes statements from unions and conferences, an interview with Adventist historian Dr. George Knight and a new article from former Adventist Review Editor, Dr. Bill Johnsson, all on the controversial intersect of compliance and conscience as it relates to ongoing challenges within the denomination’s governance.

The website affirms that the true calling of Adventists is to “love, serve, and lead” the church in Christlike ways. The website prominently features a quote by the female co-founder of the denomination, Ellen G. White: “The secret of unity is found in the equality of believers in Christ.”

The site features an “Add Your Voice!” section where visitors can demonstrate their support for conscience above compliance.

The site is regularly updated with new materials.

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