by Monte Sahlin  |  25 December 2018  |

I am pleased that we have been able to bring you information and ideas that have been helpful to you over the past year, or maybe the past 25 years. Whether you are an active member in an Adventist congregation or someone with Adventist family that you care about or simply a person with your own, private sense of Adventist identity or curiosity … we are pleased to serve you and we hope you find love and meaning in the Christmas holiday.

It has become fashionable for Christian leaders in America to complain that the holiday is too secular and too many people do not see it as a religious event any more, and for other groups to file lawsuits about public displays of traditional Christmas symbols or complain when a store clerk says “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays.” Both sides of this tug-of-war miss the point and come off like Scrooge, as well as do nothing for the Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and other believers among us.

I don’t want to be part of that unproductive noise. I do want to wish you well, and tell you that, for me, the point of the story about the Christ child is a picture of God willing and ready to make himself vulnerable in love and joy as he comes to be part of humanity. How can that possibly be a bad idea? Does our world not need such a concept?

Christmas goodness and delight to you and yours, and let me extend this hand of friendship: If at any time, today or in the future, you have an idea to share or a question or need, you can write to me at my direct, personal Email address: Blessings to all our readers and supporters in 2019!

Monte Sahlin is the executive director of the Adventist Today Foundation. He is a retired Adventist minister who served as a pastor, urban ministry organizer and denominational executive for nearly 50 years.

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