16 August 2018 | Guro Edvardsen, an Adventist pastor in Norway, has launched a YouTube channel titled “A Female Pastor.” Although she is in favor of having female pastors in the Adventist denomination, she made clear in an email to Adventist Today that her intention is not to attack those that have a different point of view via her new platform. Instead she aims to show practical realities of being a female pastor as well as other information about how she goes about doing her job.

“The main goal is to show that having females in a leadership position might not be that “wrong”, “scary”, “bad”, “against God’s will”.. you name it,” said Edvardsen in her email to Adventist Today about the new channel.

In the two videos she has posted so far, Edvardsen has revealed her occupation, her age (25), that she is married (to a pastor) and has two kids. She said that she currently is on sick leave after struggling with depression after her most recent pregnancy. During her recovery she works part-time as a pastor.

According to the Adventist denomination’s Office of Archives, Statistics and Research, the Adventist Church in Norway has 62 churches and 4,531 members.

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