A friend of mine worked for many years on the heart transplant team of a major university hospital. As you might imagine, the stress at times was almost unbearable as medical teams raced in jets, helicopters, ambulances, and even police cars to get viable hearts from donors to recipients in very short four-hour windows. During this process, hearts and other organs were transported in picnic coolers to keep them at the proper temperature.

My friend shared that it was often hard for the team to calm down after an event. Adrenalin was still pumping, and often resulted in conflicts over minor matters. As the team leader, she had a code phrase she would use to remind the team that they were no longer under pressure.

“Hey,” she’d say, “We don’t have a heart in the cooler!”

That phrase has stuck with me over the years and I’ve used it often when tempers flared around deadlines, but lives are not on the line.

At Adventist Today, sure enough, we don’t have “a heart in the cooler.” We have something much more exciting (and more than a little fear-inducing to some of us) going on. We are growing fast! Our online engagement has more than doubled in the last year. We are ramping up our infrastructure to handle a much heavier work load as the word gets out about what Adventist Today has to offer.

And this is where you come in. You can make an investment in this growth.

  • New communication systems to speed the collection and transmission of our content
  • New people to add capacity and new skills to our very small team
  • New uses of media on the Internet, which requires investment in equipment and training, all of these require money

We’re looking for 285 friends this week who will give $549/year (or $50/month if that’s easier) to Adventist Today. While that’s about three lattes a week, we know it’s quite a commitment of cash. But if you think of it as investing in the hearts and minds of Adventists world-wide who are looking for life-giving content, it’s really worth every cent.

Become a member right now. We take all credit cards, or we can take an electronic funds transfer from your bank account with your permission. It only takes 2 minutes. The signup service is safe and secure.

If signing up on your smartphone or computer seems daunting, give us a call at 800.236.3641 and we’ll be happy to take your membership request right over the phone.

Thanks for considering helping us keep this lively venue available to people interested in Adventists from all around the world. And remember, there’s no heart in the cooler, but we do need your support.

Warren Nelson
Tech/Media Strategist
Adventist Today

Photo Copyright: nosua / 123RF Stock Photo