News reports from Loma Linda University Health; NAD Youth Ministries; Hamburg, Germany; Brasilia, Brazil; Fiji’s correctional service; Adventist Community Services and Pacific Union College:

Work on the Loma Linda University Medical Center and Children’s Hospital tower construction project hit a new milestone recently with the installation of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging units.

A Loma Linda University Health (LLUH) news story shared that the final phase of construction is focused on the building’s interior, “including furnishings, equipment, supplies and all the small touches necessary to make the buildings ready to receive patients.”

LLUH says the building will have patients in it within months.

North American Division Youth Ministries Department is offering leadership training on Zoom September 3-5. This event offers 17 tracks for Adventurer and Pathfinder Club leaders, Master Guides, Youth Sabbath School Leaders, Growing Young, Adventist Christian Fellowship, and much more.

1 September 2020 marks 125 years since the founding of the Adventist publishing house in Hamburg, Germany, in 1895. Managing director Dieter Neef said, “We are proud and grateful for our traditional past, because the Advent-Verlag is a defining part of Adventist history in Germany.” Advent-Verlag was founded by Ludwig R. Conradi with the aim of spreading Adventist literature all over the world from the port of Hamburg. Today Advent-Verlag is a modern publisher with 16 employees and a subsidiary, Wartberg-Verlag. Advent-Verlag is a registered company that has positioned itself for the future in recent years. “In the recent past, we deliberately initiated a generation change in the publishing house and trustingly handed over the management level to a new generation,” says board member Pastor Johannes Naether.
Source: APD

The Adventist denomination in the city of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, recently held a drive-in Sabbath service with more than 7,000 people attending.

The Corrections Service of the government of Fiji has signed a memorandum of understanding that will allow the Adventist denomination to play a more active role in rehabilitating prisoners back into society.

Adventist Community Services is providing a warehouse for donated supplies and distribution of basic needed items to families who had their homes damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Laura in Louisiana. The storms left residents without power, food and drinking water, as well as other basic necessities. ACS is working in collaboration with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the American Red Cross under its long-standing written agreements with those agencies.

When Pacific Union College (PUC) closed its campus and switched to online learning, Ralph E. Valdez, a nursing student at PUC, returned to his home in Napa where he applied for the Medical Reserve Corps. After he received the necessary orientation, Valdez was assigned to work as a nurse at a COVID-19 testing site in Napa. During one weekend shift early in his volunteering, Valdez found himself in an unexpected situation.

“One day, none of the staff could speak Spanish, so upon arrival, I immediately told them I would handle all translations,” Valdez said. “I was able to successfully explain the process to the Spanish-speaking patients! More importantly, I was able to keep the patients from panicking and feeling overwhelmed with their situation.” During these uncertain times, PUC is especially thankful and blessed to have students like Valdez, with his desire to learn and commitment to serve his community.

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