News stories from Loma Linda University Health, Southern Adventist University, the Trans-European Division, Albania and Papua New Guinea. 

Straight A’s

From an LLUH press release: 

Loma Linda University Medical Center and East Campus hospitals received their 7th and 8th consecutive “A” safety ratings, respectively, from the Leapfrog Group for spring 2022. This national distinction recognizes Loma Linda University Health’s achievements in protecting patients from preventable harm and error in the hospital.

The Leapfrog Group, an independent national watchdog organization, assigns an “A,” “B,” “C,” “D,” or “F” grade to general hospitals across the country based on over thirty national performance measures reflecting errors, accidents, injuries, and infections, as well as systems hospitals have in place to prevent harm.

Happy 130th!

Tennessee Representative Greg Vital presented a special resolution to Southern Adventist University on Friday, May 6. According to a Facebook announcement from the university, the special resolution was signed by Governor Bill Lee and leaders of the Tennessee House and Senate. The House Joint Resolution is “to honor and congratulate Southern Adventist University on the occasion of its 130th anniversary.”

Emotionally Savvy

Karen Holford, the director for Trans-European Division Family, Women, and Children’s Ministries, has created a resource on emotional intelligence titled “Flourish.” According to tedNEWS, the resource tackles wellbeing and managing emotions and is designed to help people “Choose well, think well, and live well.”

From tedNEWS:

“Flourish!” is a set of posters, each containing 10 simple ways to experience a positive emotion. These enjoyable activities can “help you rebalance your emotions when you are feeling stressed, afraid, sad, angry, frustrated, ashamed, or guilty,” said Holford. Draining emotions can suck the energy and joy out of life, “but we can help to counterbalance the effect of these heavy emotions by choosing to experience gratitude, joy, peace, inspiration, wonder, laughter, and hope.” Doing something creative, kind, or meaningful can also help restore the balance. So, “Flourish!” is packed with creative ideas. Most of them need no special equipment (maybe just a pencil and paper), so they can be done anywhere

Albanian Milestone

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Albania celebrated its 30th anniversary on Saturday, April 23, 2022. According to tedNEWS, a group of leaders from the Albanian Mission and Adriatic Union gathered in Tirana, Albania’s capital, for the event. Audrey Andersson, executive secretary of the Trans-European Division (TED) spoke at the celebration.

Vital Training

According to the Adventist Record, pastors and education directors in Papua New Guinea (PNG) have recently been trained in how to “investigate allegations of misconduct and breaches of the PNG Teaching Service Commission (TSC) rules and church codes by teachers.”

Papua New Guinea’s national education department worked with the PNG Union Mission (PNGUM) to train six area pastors and 11 education directors on April 26 to 27. The leaders were trained in disciplinary procedures and processes.  

Church education director Jim Yawane said the training was the first of its kind among PNG-based denominations.

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