News reports from Oakwood University, Andrews University, Adventist University of the Philippines, Bonaire, Loma Linda University, Walla Walla University and Southern Adventist University

According to a Facebook post from Oakwood University, two of the institution’s graduates were included in a mural featuring 21 African-American physicians on a newly created Legacy Wall outside of the Bon Secours Richmond Community Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. The murals featured the physicians founders of the hospital.

David Maraga, chief justice of Kenya, visited Andrews University for Sabbath on May 19, 2018. An Adventist himself, Maraga spoke in Garber Auditorium. His sermon was entitled “The Lord Helped Me—Psalms 118:13.” Chief Justice Maraga received significant publicity after his Supreme Court decision to overturn the results of Kenya’s presidential election last year.

According to a Facebook post by the institution, Adventist University of the Philippines opened an additional Music Department building on May 17. The Minnie Iverson Wood Music Building was opened in a ceremony featuring performances by music majors. AUP President Dr. Francisco Gayoba used the occasion to remind students that the hill on which the building stands should always be filled with music.

The first Adventist radio station on the island of Bonaire in the Caribbean started broadcasting in May at FM 91.1 in Papiamento, the main language of the island, as well as Dutch and English. The denomination was congratulated by Edison Rijina, head of the government of Bonaire.

Trevor Wright, chief operating officer (COO) of Loma Linda University Health has been named one of the 100 top leaders in healthcare for 2018 by Becker’s Hospital Review, a leading trade journal for the hospital industry. As COO, he is responsible for oversight of the six hospitals affiliated with the university.

Peter Gleason, Walla Walla University associate professor of psychology, has decided to spice up his teaching style by becoming a technology-savvy Apple Teacher. The Apple Teacher aims to boost instructor effectiveness using Apple devices and apps and encourages creativity. As part of his new teaching style, Gleason has assigned a video essay as an alternative to the traditional written essay format for one class and for another he launched a multi-media scavenger hunt.

A news article on the Loma Linda University Health website stressed the importance of meditation and mindfulness. Ayesha Sherzai, MD, MAS, a neurologist with the Brain Health and Alzheimer’s Prevention program at Loma Linda University Health, said that many people, including herself, meditate to disconnect from the stresses of life and that this is very important. She says that meditation and intentional mindfulness allow the brain to take care of the body and also allow a person to create a higher purpose for their lives.

Southern Adventist University is running civic engagement and social work camps for high school students from June 18-20. The immersion experience will focus on legislative and issue advocacy, voter engagement, campaign work, and running for public office. The event aims to promote the involvement of young women and minorities in civic engagement at all levels. For more information about the event, visit or call 423.236.2781.

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