News reports from Global Youth Day, Loma Linda University, Oakwood University (two reports) and Southern Adventist University

Starting on Friday at 10PM EST, Global Youth Day will air LIVE on its Facebook page (Global Youth Day) the GC Youth Ministries Facebook page, YouTube (General Conference Youth Ministries), the GYD website ( as well as on OTT apps available from Global Youth Day is a 24-hour live broadcast of outreach and community service activities performed by Adventist young people around the world. It takes place annually.

From a Loma Linda University news story: Loma Linda University School of Medicine Dean Roger Hadley, MD, announced this month that he will be stepping down as dean of the school and executive vice president for Medical Affairs on July 1 of this year. Hadley will continue to be fully committed to his tenacious pursuit to maximize efficiency, improve access and maintain quality healthcare and education until he departs his role this summer.

After his tenure, Hadley will continue to influence medical education in the nation as a recently-elected member of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Board of Directors.

Richard Hart, MD, DrPH, president of Loma Linda University Health, said Hadley has displayed exemplary leadership and inspiration for the university, as well as the field of health professions as a whole.

“Dr. Hadley and I have been talking about his desire for this transition for several years, and it is with deep appreciation that this campus now recognizes the incredible leadership he has provided for decades, including 16 years as dean,” Hart said. “He will return to his first love of caring for patients and will continue to practice urology at Loma Linda University Health in July.”

Oakwood University Men’s Ambassadors basketball team won the Division I championship in the United States Christian Athletic Association finals. With a final score of 61-57, the Ambassadors prevailed in what was a dramatic contest.

Dr. Eva Michelle Wheeler, Associate Professor of Spanish in the Department of English and Foreign Languages at Oakwood University, has been awarded a Humanities Unbounded Visiting Faculty Fellowship at Duke University for the 2019-2020 academic year

The Chemistry Department at Southern Adventist University celebrated Pi Day in appreciation of the mathematical constant π on Thursday, March 14, by devouring a lot of pie. “After all, honoring Pi with pie is the only rational part about this day! ????” said an SAU Facebook update. Check out the video!

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