4 June 2021 | The opening of a new mosque in Fishers, central Indiana, has drawn praise from the youth pastor of a nearby Adventist Church according to a report published yesterday by the WFYI news organization.

Cristopher Suarez, youth pastor of a neighboring Seventh-day Adventist Church in Cicero, Indiana, told WFYI that he’s grateful for the new Al Huda Foundation’s mosque. The Adventist clergyman said the mosque would enrich the cultural landscape of the area.

“I think adding a different cultural perspective to things is always important, whether it be different types of foods from different places, to music, to dress,” Suarez said to WFYI. “And just to see where people get their worldview from, I think is going to be very beneficial.”

Suarez added that, as the new mosque will have a youth sports center and gym, he’s looking forward to community basketball and soccer games.

Imam Nasser Karimian told WFYI that Al Huda Foundation’s mosque will aim to serve the larger community as well as other faith groups.

“We want to make sure that churches, synagogues and other groups, we want to make sure we host them, that we feed them, that we, you know, have dialogues with them and engage in interesting conversations that will help grow the community,” Karimian said to WYFI.

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