4 February 2021  |

The Winter 2021 Adventist Today magazine will be in the mailboxes of donors soon. In this issue:

  • Why I Love Atheists, Agnostics, Backsliders, Unbelievers, Cultural Adventists, and All Who Are at the Margins of the Faith, by Loren Seibold
  • Why We Should Value a Diversity of Beliefs, by David Geelan
  • Between Atheism and Fundamentalism, by Steven Siciliano
  • How Many Will Be Saved? by Reinder Bruinsma
  • A 29th Fundamental Belief, by Greg Jones and Loren Seibold
  • Growing Up About God, by Warren Nelson
  • Pastor at the Crossroads, by Stephanie Whitley-Ferguson
  • Treating Civil Unions as a Religious Liberty Issue, by Daniel A. Mora
  • Galatians 2:16: Individual Belief Vs. God’s Faithfulness, by Olive J. Hemmings
  • Rejecting Melting Pot Ministry, by Christopher C. Thompson
  • Those with Doubts and Those with None, by Alden Thompson
  • Barely Adventist News Briefs

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