25 March 2018 | Christine Jones, whose Adventist daughter and granddaughter were murdered on March 13, is calling for the death penalty for the alleged attacker.

At the news that a suspect had been captured, Jones said her prayers had been answered. The man is suspected of killing Abigail Jones-Chapman, her daughter Olivia, 16, Olivia’s friend Michaela Mason, 14, and Michael Scott, 60.

Quoted in Trinidad and Tobago’s Guardian, Jones said, “Prayer is a most powerful thing. I had people praying all over Trinidad because this thing rock the whole of Trinidad. It had people praying in Venezuela, where we used to live, and the Adventist community.

“I had people praying in England so they had to hold him. So if they hold him I thank my God for that,” said Jones.

Jones was specific about the punishment she felt was appropriate for the alleged murderer.

“I don’t want him to stay in jail and waste up taxpayers’ money. I want them to torture him as much as they could and if he want to die on his own after the torture, so much the merrier.

“I sending a message out to the family and all the abusers they have in this small Trinidad, is time they start doing something about this, people just want to be murdering other people.

“Hang them. Do that something because is time. How crime will stop if you don’t show some form of deterrence?” she said.

The funeral for Jones-Chapman and her daughter took place at the La Brea SDA Church in Point D’Or, Trinidad last week.

The South Caribbean Conference of the Adventist Church presides over the denomination in Trinidad and Tobago. According to the Adventist denomination’s Office of Archives, Statistics and Research, the South Caribbean Conference has 126 churches and a membership of 58,070.

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