By Pastor Tom Hughes, posted May 4, 2016 by D Kovacs

Growing up wasn’t easy

Our family had its trials

Joy was hard to come by

Worry mixed with smiles


Life was hard sometimes

And it could be lonely too

But how lost I would have been

If God hadn’t given me you


You took the time to give

Love and comfort to me each night

Faithfully tucking me in

With a kiss as you turned out the light


No matter how tough it got

I never felt afraid

For I knew you would always be there

My mother I would never trade


No one could take your place

Only you would do

You made my world secure

No love was ever as true



So thank you mom

For always loving me so much

My sweet faithful friend

With the tender loving touch


As I’ve grown older and wiser

I appreciate you more and more

For your love just keeps shining brighter

Than it ever did before


How do you repay

A lifetime of loyalty

A debt of love so grand

Yet you gave it all for free


What I’m really trying to say

In this poem you see

Is that I love you so very much

Now and for all eternity


My mother

My faithful friend

Thank you for being you

All the days of my life

With deep affection,

Your Son, Tom