• Montemorelos started the school year on August 11 with over 2,400 students.
  • The university will run all its classes online for the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year.

From the Inter-America Division/ANN 24 August 2020 | Officials of Montemorelos University welcomed more than 2,400 students – a record enrollment – to the new school year on August 11. The university, which is directly overseen by the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, will be running fully online with distance learning throughout the first semester, in accordance with recommendations and guidelines set by the government of Mexico because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Without a doubt, the beginning of this academic year takes place in an extraordinary and unusual context,” said Eli Henry, president of the Inter-American Division, and chairman of the institution’s governing board.

Henry highlighted the work of the institution’s administration in providing the conditions so that, given the reality of these times, the institution continues to move forward in the fulfillment of the mission. “A mission that remains global has no country, gender, age or opportunity limits,” said Henry. “The knowledge imparted by Montemorelos University goes beyond what can be acquired in a classroom or through a screen,” he said. “It is the preparation to face the challenges of the present world in a victorious way and the world to come,” he added. He invited students and faculty to begin the school year following God’s extraordinary plans for their lives.

In his keynote message to students and faculty, President of Montemorelos University Ismael Castillo reviewed the promises found in the book of Revelation and which are upheld by the university.

“This institution is an Adventist institution which in its name declares that we are waiting for Christ and we must never lose sight of the fact that the total solution to the problems of this world is for Christ to come,” said Castillo. “Let’s cheer up, dear students, the final triumph is assured!”

“But above what may come next, it is about Who is coming. Yes, come, Lord Jesus,” he said, as he pointed everyone to keep clear in their minds the final destination that goes beyond meeting again on campus. “May the Holy Spirit strengthen our faith in the sure promise of the second coming of Christ,” Castillo concluded.

To learn more about Montemorelos University and its programs and initiatives, visit um.edu.mx

This article was originally published on the Inter-America Division’s website

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