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The 28 fundamental beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists turns out to be a poor tool for capturing the tapestry, richness, nuances, complexity, and downright contested differences in theological convictions among the members who make up the religious community. As the denominational family grows, ecclesiastical maneuvers jockey to hide the differences that reside beneath the surface.

This lesson will attempt an interactive exercise that engages class members in discovering where they locate themselves on a theological spectrum. Based on Donald K. McKim’s book, The Bible in Theology & Preaching, we will orient our core theological conviction around our attitude to the sacred Scripture.

With this approach, we begin by assuming an Adventist identity and then discover how we resource the Bible differently in our attempt to hold that identity in the midst of a rapidly changing denominational family.

—Dr. Maury Jackson

This presentation includes two digital handouts;

Handout number 1: Theology and Religious Cultures



Maury D. Jackson chairs the Pastoral Studies Department of the H.M.S. Richards School of Religion at La Sierra University.


Loren Seibold is the Executive Editor of Adventist Today

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