31 July 2021  |

Dear Adventist Today:

I am responding to the article by Daniel A. Mora, “I Do Not Claim to Be a Prophetess” that appeared on a recent Adventist Today web site, which is his response to an article of mine that appeared on an earlier web site titled “A Response to Loren Seibold.” In his article, Mora says, “Moore’s observations affirm that the interpretations of eschatological events made by Mrs. White cannot be wrong, because she has the authority to interpret these prophecies.”

But I never said that. In fact, I totally disagree with Mora’s statement. What I did say is that there are degrees of authority between the canonical authors and the non-canonical authors. The biblical authors have an authority that supersedes that of any non-canonical author who claims to have the prophetic gift, including Ellen White.

Marvin Moore
Editor, Signs of the Times

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