by Katelyn Pauls

People tell me not to waste my time on earth away,
“It will happen so much faster than you think,” they say.
I didn’t believe what they said, I’m young and in a rush.
I have so many hopes and dreams, I want to do so much.
I’m counting days and months and years, until I live my dream.
Although, I’m never getting any closer, so it seems.
Then, with a start, one day I opened up my eyes.
I realized my dream has come and caught me by surprise.
It’s nothing big, no great big plan, no perfect time or place.
It’s just the little things that put a smile on my face.
Like sunsets and cookies and students having fun,
Early morning bike rides and a hammock in the sun.
So while I’m down here on this earth and life is happening fast,
I vow to make the most of it because “this too shall pass.”
I was inspired this week to slow down and smell the roses. I’m too busy counting the days until I can go home and pursue my dreams. Then one day I was riding my bike to school and realized that my dream was to live and work in a foreign country as a missionary. That is exactly what I’ve been doing this year! And I almost missed it because I was too busy “getting ready” to do exactly that later in life. I always thought I had to have more money, more time or be older. I almost missed all of the opportunities that God is giving me this year to be a witness. I want to take advantage of everything God gives me this year. The little things I’m letting pass me by are the things that I’m sure I want to remember the most. I vow to keep my eyes open and my mind willing to receive whatever God has for me.