16 November 2018  |

Greetings Friends,

First of all, thanks for the ongoing attempt at honest journalism regarding Adventism.  It is appreciated!

Second, satirical or or not, I find the recent article “A New Interpretation of the Little Horn of Daniel 7” to be offensive and disrespectful. God sets up kingdoms and tears them down. Which means that President Trump is His doing. I personally was greatly offended by Barack Obama. In fact, When I read the interpretation and accusations of the article, they actually apply more to the Obama presidency than to Trump’s.

As for Trump’s “repeated infidelity,” it has never been proven. Let’s face it, he is a wealthy public figure.  Such status brings gold diggers…

How is it that the other party can murder, cheat lie, engage in promiscuity, continually, but they are still morally acceptable?

President Trump is upholding the rule of law in areas that other presidents have failed. He has also turned our economy around faster than any thought possible. We currently have more jobs available in this country, than people to fill them! He is eliminating unfair trade, and restoring dignity to our country.

He is definitely not perfect. He brash, and likes to spout off. Well, I’ve been guilty of that too. I have my faults, and so do you. I have made mistakes and committed secret sins too.  But God gave me new opportunities and a chance to turn my life around and do good for others.

The accusations against Trump should quite honestly be directed at the bulk of Washington and for that matter my own California government officials. The more I work with government, and more I research issues from a legal perspective, the more I realize that we actually do need to “drain the swamp”.

Let me make myself clear, Trump was not my pick for President. But in the end, he is definitely the lesser of two evils. So far, he has done more good for this country and our citizens (in only two years) than any president since Ronald Reagan has done during their entire presidency. Stop disrespecting him, and pray for him.

Remember, a very prominent Adventist is part of his cabinet. Let’s figure out how to capitalize on that, and not fall prey to the ultra-lib wackos.

In His service,

James E. Hobbs
CEO & Director of Engineering