By Carole Derry-Bretsch, posted October 14, 2015

Kim Carter, Founder and Director of Time for Change Foundation, thanks in part to your votes, has been named to the top 10 in the CNN Hero’s of 2015!

The top vote getter between now and November 16, 2015, will be named CNN Hero of the Year, and receive $100,000.  Since 2002, Kim has helped over 800 homeless women and children get a second chance at life.

Please vote daily at

We ask you, besides voting daily, to please invite your friends to vote, too.   It is going to take a village to make this happen.

We did a special feature on Kim a couple of weeks ago, when she was one of the top 25 finalists.  Two weeks ago, I had the honor of going to three of her homes, and meeting some of the women and children.  They all truly touched my heart.

If every AToday member would take 30 seconds a day to vote, it would go a long way to making this happen for Kim.


Come and join us on our CNN FB page – “CNN TOP 10 HERO KIM CARTER, and the Time For Change Foundation”.


Thank You.