23 January 2020 | A group of 17 Adventist students were recently suspended from Kabianga Boys High School in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya for refusing to sit for exams on a Saturday.

Kenya’s Standard Digital reported on January 21, that Mongare Matonya, a lawyer representing the students, gave the school seven days to rescind the decision.

Matonya said in a letter to the school that freedom of worship is guaranteed by the Kenyan constitution. He also stated that the country’s Education Act allows students a day of worship that must be respected by law.

The school’s principal, Dr. Josh Oloo, said that there were Adventist missionary schools that Adventist students could attend if their parents were unhappy with the suspension.

Oloo appeared to relent one day later, however, as the country’s Citizen Digital reported on January 22, that all 17 Adventist students had been reinstated and an amicable solution had been reached with the students’ parents.

On top of legal threats from the boys’ parents, the Atheists in Kenya Society had also supported the Adventist boys, threatening legal action unless they were reinstated.

There are approximately a million Adventists in Kenya.

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