For generations, Adventists have been scholars of Scripture. Church theology is studied in schools from kindergarten to university, Sabbath Schools in congregations all over the world, Adventist Book Centers carry numerous concordances, study books, versions of the Bible, and other reference works. Then there are the Bible correspondence schools sponsored by various ministries, and the list goes on and on.

Stuff should be pretty well settled, right?

Well, the world turns and books gave way to radio, radio transitioned to television, TV to the Internet, desktops to laptops, laptops to tablets and smartphones and now smart watches.

There are self-driving cars being tested, artificial intelligence playing and beating humans at checkers, chess, and other games of chance. CRISPR gene splicing technology is already attacking diseases and it has the ability to modify plant and animal life at the genome level.

How does a Christian keep up? A very good question. Does the Adventist Church that early on prized “present truth” still have the will to explore Scriptural principles in relationship to relevant issues in the 21st Century?

Adventist Today is tackling that task. With insightful reporting you won’t read elsewhere, to commentary on current events and issues outside the church, Adventist Today’s writers and editors around the world, are on it!

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