22 August 2018 | Forrest Clark, 51, an arson suspect accused of starting the Holy Fire in Southern California was, for years, known within his community as an Adventist.

He also claimed to be a “sovereign citizen,” meaning that he was not subject to common law. Clark is currently in custody and faces life in prison if convicted of several arson charges, threatening to terrorize, and resisting arrest.

The fire which has been burning since August 6, destroyed all cabins north of Clark’s cabin in the Holy Jim Canyon in Cleveland National Forest, Southern California. The blaze left intact only two cabins, one of which was his.

Clark is said to have argued for years with his gay neighbor. He reportedly yelled Bible passages at him in attempts to shame him.

Newsweek reported that two weeks before the fire, Clark wanted to speak to Michael Milligan, chief of the Holy Jim Volunteer Fire Department. Milligan told him to go away and Clark allegedly responded with an expletive-filled rant and said “Shalom” before leaving and later sending a text warning: “This whole place is going to burn like you planned.”

The Holy Fire has burned over 20,000 acres in California’s Orange and Riverside counties and has yet to be fully contained.

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