by Harry Banks

Hi, I'm Harry. Adventist Today has asked me to put some words down. Written words are not my natural media. I am more of a live interaction teacher-type communicator. Sometimes some wonderful, unexpected discoveries have come from those conversations. In this column I am going to try to learn how to communicate in this written format and see if we can enjoy some discoveries here as well.

But first, for those of you who care … (I got a bad class evaluation for saying that too much in the classroom. They said, "It makes it sound like some may not care." Hmmm … I sorta thought some people might actually not care.) Anyway, for those of you who care, here are some ground rules for my column …

What!  Ground Rules?

Yeah … I'm gonna need some ground rules to be comfortable doing this because I plan to write like I'm telling a personal story about myself and my life. These are being offered "as is." You know when you buy some second-hand stuff it is sold "as is." Well these columns are going to be "free" and "as is" offerings. Which leads me to …

Rule Number 1.
Take the best and leave the rest.

I usually also add "and do not gossip," but since these are in print I don't expect anonymous readers to be careful with the free gift of a personal story. It would be nice, but it's a big world out there and not everyone has made a commitment to being considerate.

Rule Number 2.
No arguing.

If you choose to respond, please no arguing. If you reply with arguing, I will most likely not respond. I'm expert only on my own story and I expect you to be expert on your own story. If you feel like arguing it is likely because your story is different. That is OK.  It's perfectly fine.  So tell your story from your personal point of view! Just don't argue about it.

Rule Number 3.
No advice giving.

You gotta be kidding; No advice giving! Yep! I'll just tell my story. If you respond, you just tell your story … with no advice.

Rule Number 4.
Let's pray with and for each other.

I don't mean one of those I'm-going-to-preach-to-you-in-my-prayer kind of prayers but pray with a trusting heart that the Great God of Heaven and Earth can and will work miracles of faith, redemption and grace when we truly prayerfully intercede for each other.