14 October 2019  |

Adventist Today learned late today that two North American Division Union Conference Presidents, Dave Weigley of the Columbia Union Conference and Ricardo Graham of the Pacific Union Conference, have been nominated for the first ever “Public Reprimand” from the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, for services rendered on behalf of women’s ordination in the North American Division.

A paper passed out at the end of today’s meeting of the General Conference Annual Council cites them as set apart for this special recognition:

The following entities have taken actions that are not in harmony with voted actions of the General Conference Session and the General Conference Executive Committee is placing them in persistent non-compliance:

a. Columbia Union Conference
b. Pacific Union Conference

RECOMMENDED, That the presidents of the above-named entities as the individuals representing the compliant entity be given a “Public Reprimand” as provided for in the 2018 Annual Council voted document.

Both Graham and Weigley presided over their union conferences when these entities voted to ordain women in their territories.

In addition to Graham and Weigley, four European entities—the Danish Union of Churches, the North German Union Conference, the Norwegian Union Conference, and the Swedish Union of Churches—were “warned” as provided in the 2018 Annual Council document.

The General Conference Executive Committee will vote tomorrow whether to honor these leaders by awarding these reprimands.

“I thank these leaders for their support of women’s ordination,” said Adventist Today Executive Editor Loren Seibold, “and I am proud of this recognition by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.”

You can read the entire document here.

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