25 August 2022  |

Writes AT reader Gregory Matthews,

Kudos for the Summer print edition of Adventist Today, entitled “Women in Ministry.” I consider myself to be reasonably well informed as to the contribution that women have made to this denomination in the past, but this issue has informed me as to the contribution of many women of whom I knew nothing. The discussion of the basis for the authority to ordain women will inform many who have not understood this in the past.

Here’s the contents of this ground-breaking issue of Adventist Today:

  • Lindsey Abston Painter: “The Best Way to Win Full Women’s Ordination Is to Fill Our Pulpits With Women Pastors”
  • Jim Wibberding: “Unfinished Business:Union Ordination Votes 10 Years in Review”
  • Daniel A. Mora: “Pioneer Women Formed & Led Organization of the Inter-American Division”
  • Stephen Ferguson: “Do Adventists Respect Religious Liberty Inside the Church?”
  • Kumar Dixit: “Female Pastors: Outside the Organizational Box”
  • Penny Shell: “The Almost-Forgotten First Ordination of Adventist Female Pastors”
  • By Eric E. Richter: “It Wasn’t Bathsheba’s Fault!”

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