From ANN, 19 September 2018  |  Yesterday revisions were made in the Compliance Process document that the denomination’s General Conference (GC) Administrative Committee vote on July 17, according to a bulletin from the Adventist News Network (ANN). Therehave been negative reactions to the document from Europe and North America, as reported by Adventist Today. It is likely that other reactions have also been privately communicated to GC officers.

Refinements of any proposal like this one that does not become official until voted by the GC executive committee at its annual meeting follows a normal process of vetting and refining before being presented to Annual Council in October.

“The updates came as a result of responses suggesting clarification and defining time frames for the voted process,” according to Pastor Hensley Moorooven, secretary of the Administrative Committee. “These suggestions are for clarification and improvement, as time has taught the church that this vetting process produces a better document.”

Standard denominational procedures mean that the updated document voted yesterday is subject to further refinement, including by the GC and Division officers (GCDO), a group that will meet before Annual Council. It is still open for revision before a vote is called.

“Transparency always facilitates contribution and input. It is important to have as wide input as possible on a document such as this,” Dr. Ted Wilson, GC president, stated. “As a body of believers, we work together, developing mutual understanding and agreements applicable to the church worldwide. We hope that through this process, this movement will become stronger in its God-given mission.”

No details of the refinements voted yesterday were released. Adventist Today will seek to find that information to make it available to readers.

The photo is the GC office building in Silver Spring, Maryland.