8 October 2018  |

In a late press release, the Adventist News Network has released questions and answers defending the General Conference (GC) against “some questions [that] have been raised regarding the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its leadership.” The questions are as follows

  • In an effort to unite the church over difficult issues, has the General Conference leadership become a persecuting power as identified in Revelation 13?
  • Is the General Conference leadership exercising “kingly power” akin to papal authority?
  • In 2015 the General Conference Session voted against allowing regions of the world to choose whether to ordain women to the gospel ministry. Were the full reports from the Theology of Ordination Study Committee (TOSC) made available to delegates and members before the 2015 General Conference Session?
  • Is the Church suppressing freedom of conscience by asking elected leaders to comply with General Conference Session and Executive Committee voted actions?
  • When someone does not agree with church leadership, what is the appropriate way to question its actions and decisions?
  • Why is unity so important?
  • If compliance is so difficult to achieve and this issue is so divisive, wouldn’t it be better to just forget about this and focus on mission?

You can read the answers to the questions here.

It is not clear what caused the document to be released now, though it has a defensive tone, perhaps suggesting a reaction to recent criticisms by many of the compliance committee process.

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