By S M Chen, posted by D Kovacs, Mar 23, 2016

"Subterranean Eden," (c) Bob Sharen, permission on file.

“Subterranean Eden,” (c) Bob Sharen, permission on file.

Our garden was always open

To any who would come;

The flowers ever fragrant

And held in awe by some.


Tulips, lilacs, and daffodils,

Roses of red and white,

Peonies for my enchantment;

All made for our delight.


You asked to see our garden,

And so I let you in.

Flattered by your interest,

I showed what grew within.


It was there you tempted me;

Said I would not surely die.

Tempted me with lovely fruit;

Twisted truth into lie.


You said my eyes would open,

I’d know both evil and good.

This you failed to tell me: could

I know but good, I should.


So I took the fruit you proffered,

Bit it and ate thereof.

And though it happened in silence,

That’s how hate supplanted love.


There’s something that I’d like to say:

I was beguiled; not so my mate.

Though horrified, he loved me so,

He ate the fruit and shared my fate.


Might this not have happened

Had I not strayed from Adam’s side?

He might have stopped my folly.

Perhaps you can decide.


The light that cloaked us disappeared;

Vanished like the stars at day.

Our eyes opened, but what we saw

Brought foreboding and dismay.


We made clothing with leaves of fig.

Covered up to hide our shame

And guilt for having disobeyed;

But did nothing to hide blame.


Adam blamed me; I blamed you.

No self-responsibility.

Had we nothing else to blame

We might have blamed the Tree.


God listened, then pronounced His curse.

Our hearts were filled with woe

Despite our ignorance of how

The winds of Fate can blow.


The garden blooms as once it did

But I’m no longer there.

What then was bliss, now is this:

A life I can barely bear.


But yet there’s hope for me, for us.

God told of the master plan

(That we might live forever)

To save the race of man.


The bluebells whisper now to me

I shouldn’t have ventured near the Tree.

All that I had may never be

Except in distant memory.