5 August 2019 | An Adventist pastor in Kenya allegedly attacked his sister-in-law with a machete on July 26. The victim, Felister Njoki, was middle-aged and came from Gikomora Village in Kenya’s Maragua Sub County. Her attacker was Nairobi-based Adventist pastor, Patrick Mungai.

Kenya’s Standard Digital reported that villagers heard screams on the Friday morning of the alleged attack.

Mungai had, according to the Standard, placed a call to one of his sons saying that he was going to kill both his mother and her child when he reached the village. This prompted the woman to flee when she was told of his intentions.

Mungai is accused of instead attacking his sister-in-law, Njoki, who remained in the village.

“The lady was slashed in the neck, back, hands and the head. By the time we arrived at the scene we found her lying in a pool of blood. We could not believe the pastor could do such a thing,” said a village resident who asked the Standard not to be named.

Villagers claimed that the pastor had a history of suffering from depression, and had attempted to commit suicide at an earlier date. He was still being hunted by law enforcement when the Standard published the story of the attack about ten days ago.

There are approximately a million Adventists in Kenya.

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