May 25, 2017: The body of a decapitated Adventist pastor and conference administrator has been found near his home in Kenya.

Kenya’s Standard Digital newspaper reported on May 18th that the body of Pastor Nicholas Kibagendi who disappeared about a month ago, had been found next to his home in the country’s Nyamira County.

Neighbors are said to have discovered the minister’s head and later his torso on the morning of May 18.

The identity of the body was confirmed by family and friends.

The pastor had last been seen exiting his house in Riensune village near Nyansiongo town, on Thursday, the 20th of April, at around 8 in the morning.

He had left his house after receiving a telephone call. His wife said that he was speaking on the phone as he left the house on foot bound for the town of Keroka.

After Kibagendi failed to return, his phone line was checked. It was discovered that his phone was last used at a local market less than a mile from his house.

A motive for the killing has not been established.

Kibagendi worked as head of the Stewardship Department at the Nyamira Conference headquarters of the Adventist Church in Kenya.