You see it every time. In major marathons world-wide — like Boston, NYC, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Maratona di Roma, Midnight Sun Norway, Big 5 South Africa, Australian Outback, Great Wall China, Virgin Money London, or Marathon du Medoc France — you see people cheering each other over the finish line. And where permitted, a family member or friend will run alongside a marathoner on the final sprint to motivate him or her to finish.
Can You Hear the Roar of the Crowd?
We’re cheering each other over the finish line this final Friday of the 2017 Spring Membership Drive! As a reader-supported non-profit organization, we need your support to sustain Adventist Today.
It’s easy to think someone else will give, so you’re not needed. It’s easy to think there must be an institutional or family foundation that is underwriting this enterprise, but we’re entirely member supported. It’s easy to think that everything on the internet is free, so why are they asking for money!

We know you want to help, but maybe you’d like to know how you can help. Here’s how. We are asking for you to become a member at any of these monthly or quarterly amounts.

  • Supporting Member: $20/quarter (equivalent to $6.67/month)
  • Sustaining Member: $15/month (that’s just 50 cents per day)
  • Advising Member: $50/month (that’s just $1.67 per day)

We take all credit cards, or we can take an electronic funds transfer from your bank account with your permission. It only takes 2 minutes. The signup service is safe and secure.

Of course, gifts of any size are welcome, but why would you want to miss out on the services you receive at the Supporting, Sustaining, or Advising Member level?!

You’re Joining Other Members
A week ago we set some goals, and we are so close to reaching those goals. So far this year, we wanted to have…

  • 250 Supporting Members – we now need 29 friends at $20/qtr to reach this goal
  • 280 Sustaining Members – we now need 14 friends at $15/mo to reach this goal
  • 285 Advising Members – we now need 31 friends at $50/month to reach this goal

The applause is building!
Other AT readers are cheering you on as you make your donation right now.
If signing up on your smartphone or computer seems daunting, give us a call at 800.236.3641 and we’ll be happy to take your membership request right over the phone.

Abundant Gratitude
Thanks for helping Adventist Today successfully cross the finish line on its 2017 Spring Membership Drive. We value you as a reader and supporter. And please introduce Adventist Today to your friends. It might be the spiritual and intellectual lifeline for which they’d been praying.

Photo Credit: Copyright stockbroker / 123RF Stock Photo