All Heart Church* wanted to reconnect with their inactively attending members. They made contacts, they extended invitations, they loved people well.

But as you might imagine, progress was slow. Trust needed to be built.
Then one day, an inactive member told an active member that he’d come back to All Heart Church that next Sabbath. The active member was elated, and positioned himself in the parking lot of the church that morning to welcome his friend at his car and not when he came into the lobby..
The inactive member eventually showed up, late, and got out of his vehicle and visited with his active member friend and other greeters hanging out in the parking lot. But the inactive member seemed reluctant to go into the church, preferring rather to visit at the far end of the parking lot.
The active member didn’t push it. Engaging conversation ensued in the parking lot during the entire worship service. The inactive member eventually left after expressing appreciation for the visiting that day, and offering to come back sometime.
A few weeks later he returned. The inactive member was ready to meet again in the parking lot. This time, the active member had juice and water bottles with him for those who were visiting outside. There was no rush to go inside on anyone’s part.
The Shift
Weeks and months passed, and the visiting at the far side of the parking lot continued, and increased. The inactive member was telling others about All Heart’s hospitality and others were joining him. Soon someone brought a canopy for shade over the people and refreshments, and lawn chairs were found as well.
Everyone knew the gathering at the edge of the parking lot was a safe place to connect, whatever your story.
Adventist Today is that gathering at the edge of the Adventist parking lot.
People with an Adventist background (any anyone else for that matter) hopefully can tell that we are willing to talk about anything here. We can have differing points of view, and it’s okay. We’re willing to stretch beyond where we’re comfortable to be able to learn something new or achieve continuous quality improvement, and that’s a given.

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* a pseudonym