November 22, 2017:    In two separate incidents last week, bullets were fired at New Life Seventh-day Adventist Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Washington DC area TV station Fox 5 reported that on Wednesday, November 15, a parishioner noticed that a window at the entrance of the church had been shattered. Police later found that a bullet had caused the damage but are not sure when the shooting occurred.

The following day at around 11:13 PM, more gunfire was directed at the church as bullets hit the portico over the front door as well as the cinder block wall on the left side of the church’s front entrance.

Police heard the Thursday night gunfire and responded to the incident. Nobody was injured.

“They observed damage to the front and sides of the church building,” said Montgomery County Police Capt. Paul Starks speaking about officers who responded to the incident, “They located bullet fragments near the church building and also located multiple shell casings on Muncaster Mill Road.”

Pastor David Defoe who leads the church said that he was not aware of any reason for the shootings.

“This church has been in this community for almost 30 years. This building has been here since 2003 and we have a good relationship with our community. We do all kinds of community outreach events. We have one coming up on Sunday – our annual Thanksgiving drive, so I don’t think anyone did it with malicious intent. We just don’t know.”

The authorities are asking for any information to shed light on the matter.

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